The world is questioning its reliance on fossil fuels and embracing cleaner energy sources. Critical minerals are driving the transition.

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The Sprott Energy Transition ETFs help you invest in the critical minerals needed to generate, transmit and store cleaner energy.


  • Lithium
  • Nickel
  • Manganese
  • Cobalt
  • Graphite


  • Uranium
  • Silver
  • Rare Earths


  • Copper

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Sprott Energy Transition ETFs

Invest in Critical Minerals Driving the Energy Transition

1 Based on Morningstar’s universe of Natural Resources Sector Equity ETFs as of 12/31/2023.

2 The term “pure-play” relates directly to the exposure that the Funds have to the total universe of investable, publicly listed securities in the investment strategy.

3 "Small" represents mining companies under $2B in market capitalization.

Sprott Energy Transition ETFs provide investors with liquid access to the critical minerals shaping our future.

You can purchase shares of Sprott Energy Transition ETFs through a brokerage account.

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